Tacoma man convicted of murdering teen, dumping him in trash

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Tacoma man accused of killing a 16-year-old boy and stuffing his {A href=""}body into a trash bin was convicted Wednesday of first degree murder.

Anthony T. Clark, 22, was arrested in September 2011 after the body of 16-year-old Devondre D. Davis was found stuffed into a trash bin in a Tacoma neighborhood.

Prosecutors say Davis came to Clark's apartment on September 7 with a gun and cocaine. Clark let him into the apartment and then stole the cocaine and shot the teen in the back of the head.

Not sure what to do with either the cocaine or the dead body, Clark went to his neighbors for help, according to prosecutors. The neighbors wanted nothing to do with the drugs and assumed Clark was joking when he asked if they'd help him dispose of a body.

They learned he wasn't kidding when he opened a trash can in the alley and showed them the teenager's dead body.

They neighbors immediately called police and Clark was arrested a short time later.

When they searched his apartment, detectives found blood stains on the floor, a shell casing and a .22 caliber pistol. They also found a vial of cocaine hidden in Clark's toilet tank, according to prosecutors.

At his murder trail, Clark admitted to shooting Davis, but claimed it was an accident. After hearing all the evidence, a jury disagreed and convicted him of murder, robbery, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Clark is facing a standard sentence range of 35 to 43 years in prison, according to prosecutors. His sentencing his set for May 17.