Suspected serial burglar caught on camera in Woodinville

WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- Police are trying to track down a brazen burglar who they believe is part of a team that's responsible for a handful of burglaries just this week.

All the crimes happened in Woodinville, and all involved valuable tools that police suspect have already been pawned for cash.

There have been five burglaries in the last 72 hours, and despite being caught on surveillance camera, police have yet to nab the crooks.

Kyle Roskelley's 12 security cameras weren't enough to keep away burglars. He learned his lesson the hard way.

"There's nothing you can do," he said. "If people want to steal, they're going to steal.

When the professional contractor came home for lunch on Tuesday, he realized his shed was wide open. He looked at the security footage and couldn't believe his eyes.

"Yea, absolutely brazen," Roskelley said of the unmasked burglar.

Footage shows a man with a very distinct walk trespassing on Roskelley's property in the middle of the night.

"He walks kind of pigeon toed. He's really short -- we're thinking in the 5'5" range," Roskelly said.

The man entered the shed and left with $2,500 worth of tools. And Roskelly wasn't the only person targeted, either.

"So far we've had five of these burglaries,' said Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff's Office.

Roskelly only captured one burglar on camera, but he's convinced there's more working together.

"The pressure washer they took weighs almost 200 pounds," he said.

West agrees that it's unlikely the man was working by himself.

"More than likely there's somebody else in a getaway car waiting and grabbing property," she said.

West said her best lead in the case is Roskelly's footage. She hopes someone will recognize the burglar and turn him in.