Suspected robbers sought in Tacoma man's murder

TACOMA - Police continue to search for two suspects believed to be involved in the death of Larry Howse at the Sky Terrace Condominiums on S. Broadway.

Police say the 54-year-old father of two was the victim of a robbery that turned deadly in his parking garage Saturday night.

"He was just trying to go home, you know the simplest of things we do everyday," David Howse, Larry's brother says.

Police say the two men followed Larry's black BMW inside the garage after he entered his security code. They proceeded to rob him, shoot him, and leave him for dead.

"How scary, how alone, I can't even imagine how cold on he was on that cement floor," Julie Cryderman, Larry's sister says.

Howse's friends say they're devastated by the murder.

"To happen to somebody that you know and to happen to someone so full of life is just unimaginable," said David Johnson.

Larry's family is pleading for help from the public. They say the suspects may have gotten away with what little Larry had on him that night.

"Life will be quieter, life will be darker, I mean it will never be the same," Julie Cryderman, Larry's sister says. "You can't replace him."

Both robbers are described as black men in their late teens or early 20s. One man had a light complexion and was wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

The second man was wearing a dark shirt and dark pants. His hair may have been worn in an afro or short braids, according to police.

Loretta Cool with the Tacoma Police Department is hoping someone in the area saw the robbers fleeing the scene.

"People were probably out walking they could have seen these two guys run right be them," Cool said.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest and charges.