Surveillance video shows brazen downtown purse snatching

SEATTLE -- Two men attacked a woman and stole her purse last Friday evening at Fifth and Pine despite the throngs of shoppers and workers crowding the sidewalk, according to the Seattle Police Department.

One of the alleged purse snatchers is already in jail in connection with an unrelated crime. Now, police are hoping to catch his accomplice.

According to the police report for the incident, the men approached the woman around 6 p.m. as she was about to enter a department store, shoving her to the ground and running off with her purse.

Several bystanders attempted to chase the robbers but lost them before police arrived.

The victim, a foreign student going to school in Seattle, lost her iPhone and Orca card in the robbery, leaving her stranded downtown without a way to get home.

The robbery was captured on store surveillance cameras, providing police with a decent look at the remaining suspect.