Surprise! Mom gives birth in her car in downtown Seattle

SEATTLE - A Seattle-area mom gave birth in the front seat of her car only a few blocks from the hospital during the Tuesday morning rush hour in downtown Seattle when her baby apparently got tired of waiting to come into the world.

"Apparently the baby didn't want to wait," says Kyle Moore of the Seattle Fire Department, which sent medics to the scene.

He said the husband and wife were en route to the hospital in their car but had to pull over and call 911 when the birth started earlier than expected.

"Fortunately there was an off-duty nurse who was walking by and noticed what was going on and jumped in and helped deliver the baby in the front seat of a Lexus car right there on East Yesler and Boren Avenue at 8:15 this morning," Moore said.

When firefighters arrived, three minutes after receiving the 911 call, the baby was already out.

"They checked out the baby and mom, and both are healthy and ended up transporting both of them to Swedish Medical Center," says Moore. "Our firefighters are trained to deliver babies, and they're able to do it, but it was really nice to have that off-duty nurse jumping in, and a really good ending to this story."