Super nuptials: 'All the florists' fingers are stained blue and green'

SEATTLE - They planned the date last summer.

They both loved the idea of getting married on 2-2, since it would be easy to remember.

The Seattle waterfront location at the Edgewater was booked.

Then, Shawna Cook and Brian Mascarelli of Renton realized their wedding would fall on Super Bowl Sunday.

Cook tells KOMO Newsradio, "It just did not even occur to me back in mid-summer that, you know, I wasn't thinking football in February."

Cook and Mascarelli love football. She loves the Hawks and he's a 49ers fan.

"There's no converting him, no way," she says, laughing.

Knowing most of their guests will want to see the game, the couple will be having some big screens at the reception.

But with the ceremony starting around 4 p.m. - and the game at 3:30 p.m. - wedding planner Wendy Wojcik says they should expect some guests will be multi-tasking. (Ya think!)

Wojcik says that's exactly what happened at a wedding she did during the last Super Bowl game the Hawks played in 2006.

"People are listening to it on their phones and ear pieces and all of a sudden you hear this "Woo hoo!" - you know - right in the middle of the church."

Wojcik, who has a business called Weddings with Wendy, says she's doing a whole lot of weddings this year with blue and green as the colors for the theme.

"The Seahawks have really, really influenced the colors that couples have chosen this year for 2014," she says. "All the florists' fingers are stained blue and green from dying flowers, it's pretty funny."

And she said it's increasingly popular for the groom to have his wedding party wear Seahawks socks or ties.

Cook, the bride, says she too will be checking out the game, but only after the ceremony.

"Go Hawks, you better win because everything is riding on it, " she says with a hearty laugh.