Sunday's Seahawks game tops attendance, viewing records

If you watched Marshawn Lynch casually stroll into the end zone on Sunday night, you weren't alone -- in addition to the record number of fans for a Hawks game at CenturyLink Field, the game also netted the most at-home viewers of any prime-time NFL regular-season game on the West Coast in 22 years.

Overall, it was a big night for NBC's "Sunday Night Football." According to preliminary Nielsen ratings, a total of 18.3 million households tuned in to watch the game, marking the highest viewership for a regular season, prime-time NFL game since a Monday night match-up between the Rams and the 49ers in 1991. Here at home, more Seattleites watched the game than any other "Sunday Night Football" game ever.

That's in addition to the record-breaking 68,338 fans who were there in attendance.

The numbers are particularly impressive, considering the game was delayed by an hour, due to Seattle's stormy weather, and ended well after midnight on the East Coast. Still, fans stayed solidly tuned in between 8:30pm and 11pm, the Nielsen ratings show.

Sunday night's 29-3 win set another record, as well; on Monday, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the 12th Man had beat the old record for loudest sports event, bringing the volume to an eardrum-splitting 136.6. dbA. The previous record was 131.76 at a soccer match in Istanbul.

The noise, however, didn't seem to bode well with some San Francisco fans; in a letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle, one fan called Hawks fans "unsportsmanlike," noting that they were "juiced on noise."

Though it could just be sour grapes, considering a record number of people watched the Niners' tough loss.