Suit up, gents: Indochino pop-up brings affordable bespoke suits to Seattle

Fellows looking for tailored suits on the cheap, mark your calendars: One of the internet's favorite semi-secrets for fitted suits at frugal prices is popping up at Harbor Steps next month, and you'll want to be there.

Backed by the Pacific Northwest's own Madrona Venture Group, Indochino, a beloved online provider of bespoke suits at reasonable prices, has scheduled a 10-day pop-up appearance in Seattle. The temporary locations, called Traveling Tailor, are designed to take the digital enterprise out in the real world, and help men get their style situation dialed in.

Kyle Vucko, Indochino Co-Founder and CEO, calls Traveling Tailor "our way of introducing men to Indochino's tech-enabled approach to custom clothing."

"While it's always exciting to come to a city for the first time, we're particularly excited about Seattle because of our affinity for the city. More than geographical proximity, Vancouver and Seattle companies have a long history of using technology to create better services," he adds.

Between October 3rd and 10th, stylish dudes hurting for sharp duds can scoot down to the Western Avenue for pre-arranged 30-minute fittings, during which they'll be measured by a fit specialist, as well as be able to shop for shirts and suits, all of which can be customized for free.

Never been to a tailor? No problem. Vucko emphasizes that Indochino -- and Traveling Tailor, specifically -- is perfect for first-timers. During the fittings, Traveling Tailors fit specialists take special care to walk clients through the customization process, explaining details and demystifying tailoring.

"We try to help men dress better by leveraging new technology to scale traditional tailoring practices like pattern creation and customization," Vucko explains, noting that the idea is to make "custom clothing accessible to all men for the first time."

Traveling Tailor Seattle's hours are: 8am-8pm weekdays, Saturdays 9am-8pm and Sundays 10am-7pm. Appointments can be made here.