Suit: Special-ed student raped in school by known sex predator

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- The mother of a developmentally-challenged student says her son fell easy prey to a sexual assault by another student.

She is now suing the Clover Park School District over an incident that reportedly occurred at Hudtloff Middle School last year.

"What happened to my son is he was raped," said Teresa Daniel, adding her son was raped by a fellow special-needs student in the boys' bathroom.

Daniel's suit claims the district knew the alleged attacker had a history of sexual assaults at a Boys and Girls Club, and at Lochburn Middle School where he attended before being transferred to Hudtloff.

"I know he hurt a little girl, probably at Lochburn before he switched to Hudtloff," she said.

But Ron Mutchko, a special education teacher at Hudtloff, said the staff was never told of the student's past.

"We weren't, and we feel like we're being scapegoats right now with the district, because they're trying to cover their own tail," he said.

The lawsuit claims the boy in question should have had one-to-one supervision, and not left alone in the bathroom with other boys.

"It wasn't one-on-one for this individual. If we were told that he was a sexual predator, we definitely would have had a one-on-one," Mutchko said.

Daniel wants change.

"You can't have those children mixed in," she said. "When you send your child to school, you expect that they're going to be safe."

The school district says it can't comment on pending legal action.

"But I can tell you that the safety of our students along with our staff is a top priority in Clover Park School District," said district spokesperson Kim Prentice.

The boy in question was immediately expelled. As for Daniel's son, he has moved onto high school where she says he feels protected.

The case is slated to go to trial next March.