Study links migraines to obesity

A new study finds people who get occasional migraines are more likely to be obese than people who don't.

"They have a BMI that's either slightly over the normal range or grossly over the normal range," said Dr. Mark Stillman who treats migraines at Cleveland Clinic.

Johns Hopkins University researchers studied nearly 3900 people, and about 1100 of them were obese. Results show obese people were 81 percent more likely to have episodic migraines, than normal weight people, and women had an even higher risk.

"This occurs mostly in the population under the age of 50," Stillman said. "And mostly in white females."

Stillman agreed with researchers who say, the next step is to determine if weight-loss programs may help overweight and obese people with episodic migraines.

"We certainly recommend people exercise and be careful about their diets in a variety of ways and to go on some sort of weight-maintenance program."

Complete findings for this study can be found online in the journal "Neurology."