Student reports man fondling himself near West Seattle school

SEATTLE -- A student walking home from Denny International Middle school told her mother a man, sitting in his car with no pants, fondled himself after getting her attention.

The lewd incident happened about 2:30 Monday afternoon at the intersection of SW Kenyon Street and 30th Ave. SW, just three blocks from the school. Police say the girl did the right thing by running away. Her mother happened to arrive by car a couple minutes later and reported the crime.

School administrators sent a letter to students and parents explaining what happened and warning everyone to be vigilant and pay attention to surroundings at all times. Families are also encouraged to talk about stranger awareness at home.

Tuesday, parents and students acknowledged the incident has rattled some nerves.

"I felt kind of scared and nervous," says 6th-grader Camryn Yust. " I know a few of my friends walk home and I felt uncomfortable and worried about them."

Her father was waiting outside the school in his SUV when classes let out Tuesday afternoon.

"We're making sure we're picking our daughter up, you know, no walking," says Ryan Yust. "We're dropping her off, picking her up, making sure we're extra diligent."

Police say the victim was not able to provide a detailed description of the man, just a general description of his car.

This is the fourth incident of indecent exposure in West Seattle since late last year. Three prior cases happened in September, one at a nearby school and two others at a school farther away.

Officers did make an arrest in one of those cases. They don't believe the same man is committing the crimes.

Meanwhile, staff, parents and students at Denny International Middle School are hoping for a break in this case.

"I just hope they can find him very soon," says 11-year-old Camryn.