Street youths make life miserable at Seattle apartment

SEATTLE -- A First Hill apartment building has found itself under siege by street youths for the past month, resulting in everything from used condoms in the laundry room to a tenant trapped in an elevator, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The manager of the building in the 1100 block of Eighth Avenue told police the same trio of street youths have been breaking into the building and causing damage since Jan. 25, frustrating him and his tenants.

According to the police report filed by the manager Feb. 25, the youths have pried open the front door, damaging it beyond repair; broken a window; camped out in the front lobby; lived in the storage room, leaving behind clothes, bags and more; broken wall hangings; and damaged walls.

In one instance, the youths apparently hung on the elevator door, bending it, which resulted in a tenant being trapped inside for 45 minutes, according to the report.

Having had enough, the building manager finally hired a private security company to check the building during the night and early morning starting this week.