Street sign vigilante messing with rules of road in Maple Leaf

SEATTLE -- A street sign vigilante is messing with the rules of the road in Seattle's Maple Leaf neighborhood.

"I saw what looked garbage bags or some kind of covering on the signs," said Dave Myers.

Somebody placed large black garbage bags over "Do Not Enter" and "Dead End" signs on 103rd near the community pea patch, as first reported by the Maple Leaf Life blog.

Seattle's Department of Transportation is not amused.

"You're essentially creating oncoming traffic in an area where there shouldn't be two way traffic," said Rick Sheridan with SDOT.

But even the 'Do Not Enter' signs don't deter oncoming cars --- they see the sign and still go.

We saw drivers ignore the signs over and over and over again.

"We see them do that quite often, don't see people paying attention to that sign," said Michele Campton-Stehr.

A block away, a street vigilante struck with another message -- a homemade 'Do Not Enter' sign stuck in concrete on a narrow road where there wasn't one.

"There's a right way to address concerns about traffic and bagging signs, that's not the right way," Sheridan said.

SDOT quickly took the sign down. It's against state law to install your own traffic signs or bag the city's, and it's been awhile since Seattle has seen someone make their own rules of the road.

"Several years ago someone installed their own speed bump on a city street and the city removed that," Sheridan said.

And in the same spot where someone dug a hole, the city now plans to place a one-lane road sign. A message back to the vigilante -- it's not a one way and you don't get your way.