Stolen Buddha is more than a 200-pound lawn ornament

SEATTLE -- Someone recently stole Jessica's Oldwyn's 200-pound Buddha from the front of her Greenlake home. But before you think this was just an oversize lawn ornament, the solid stone "enlightened one" meant more than any thief could get on Craigslist.

The theft happened sometime Tuesday night in front of her Green Lake Drive North house. It's busy corner with lots of foot traffic.

"I remember hearing guys giggling and moving the Buddha around earlier in the day," said the always optimistic Oldwyn. "I thought they were just enjoying the garden, I didn't think anything of it."

But the next morning, the Buddha was gone.

"I thought it was those guys. They were scopping out the Buddha," Oldwyn said.

Oldwyn wanted people to enjoy the gift she got from her father because it was a symbol of peace and hope for her. That's why it was visible for everyone to see. Many people like to touch a Buddha statue or rub it's belly as a symbol of good luck. Oldwyn did that too, but her rub and kisses on the Buddha meant a lot.

It was routine she's done before every doctor visit, every treatment, every surgery she has been facing for the last three and half years.

"I'm dealing with an infiltrating astrocytoma," she said through a smile.

The 33-year old has had three craniotomies, an MRI every three months and several trips to Germany for treatment in attempts to stop a tumor on her brain that doesn't appear to stop growing.

"It broke my heart because it was from my dad and my mom," Oldwyn said as she fought back the tears. "They won't always be around, and I worry about how long will I be here."

She and her husband have sacrifice a lot. They've downsized into a small rental home and don't run the heat to save money for all the treatments.

Always seeing the glass half full, Oldwyn hopes good will come to the thieves that stole her Buddha.

"All I can think about is maybe somehow, this will be the last thing they steal," she said.

For Oldwyn, the 200-pound Buddhas was not just an oversized lawn ornament.

To the thieves she says, "Just please bring it back. Surprise me."