Still no answers for Sky Metalwala's father

Still no answers for Sky Metalwala's father, two years after the boy's disappearance in Bellevue.

"To me, I can't believe it's been two years," says Solomon Metalwala. "To me it's like it just happened yesterday because the result is the same. We don't know where he is and I see a lot has been done, but my heart is on the [end] result. Every day without him is a very very long day."

Sky has been missing ever since his mother, Julia Biryukova said her car broke down and she left him behind to seek help. Police say she has been uncooperative so far.

Solomon says he hasn't spoken with Biryukova on the advice of the Bellevue Police Department, but he says it is time for her to share what she knows.

I've been kind of struggling for the past couple of days myself saying 'what can I do?' But that's where we stand. I know the police are doing their thing," Solomon says. He hopes police will continue to make the case a priority.

"I know there are a lot of cases -- a lot of wrong things happen -- but of course I am the father of Sky Metalwala and I want this case to be on the top."

He says his faith is helping him cope with the stress, but Solomon says today is especially tough. His advice for other parents: "Especially as we go into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Just enjoy your kids -- spend more time with them."

Police say they've investigated more than 2,000 leads into Sky's disappearance.