Stealing sick baby's donation jar lands man in jail

ABERDEEN, Wash. - A suspect accused of stealing donations for a sick baby is in jail Friday night after a viewer recognized him on television.

Police say Matthew Price was caught on surveillance video stealing money donated to help the Damaske family make weekly trips to Seattle for chemotherapy.

Kaili Damaske's daughter, Madilynn, has a tumor in her right eye.

"I don't understand how somebody could do that to a child," Damaske says. "I want to ask him how could you steal a child's money."

A worker at Mike's Meats says a customer saw the KOMO television report on Thursday, recognized the suspect, and gave his name.

Aberdeen police arrested Matthew Price minutes later on other theft warrants and say he confessed to taking the money, a total of $22.

"Wasn't a lot of remorse or anything else just okay you got me," police captain John Green says.

The little girl's mom says she figured in a small town he'd be caught sooner or later, but was surprised by police and viewers in more ways than one.

The Officers Guild heard about the situation, and donated money for Madilynn's cause.

"They donated 100 dollars to the family, and also added 22 dollars to replace the money that was stolen," Captain Green says.

KOMO viewers also pitched in, donating $500 to help fund Madilynn's treatment needs.

Damaske's dose of good news didn't stop there, she says doctors told her the chemo is working, and Madilynn's tumor is shrinking.

Mike's Meats say it's still accepting donations for Maddilyn, but they're not keeping a jar on the counter.