State hits 200 million pound mark for E-Cycle program

SEATTLE - Ecologists are celebrating a major milestone in the state's electronic recycling program. Since its creation, E-Cycle Washington has kept 200 million pounds of electronic waste out of area landfills.

The Department of Ecology says it took Washington less than five years to reach the 200 million pound mark through its collection of unwanted TVs, computers and monitors.

This year ecologists expect to set another one-year record by collecting 46 million pounds.

What does 200 million pounds look like? The Department of Ecology says it's enough to fill 361 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Ecologists say computers, TVs and monitors contain toxic materials such as lead that can harm the environment. These items also contain reusable materials like aluminum and copper that shouldn't be wasted by throwing them in the landfill.

E-readers and portable DVD players have been added to the list of acceptable items to donate through the E-Cycle program.

Below are some other notable achievements of the program:

  • 3000 devices are collected statewide every day.
  • 13,000,000 lbs of lead has been recycled
  • Manufacturers have provided $47 million in electronics recycling services at no cost to local governments and consumers
  • 125 jobs created for collection, transportation and processing of electronics

A list of all electronic drop-off locations can be found online.