Staff member rescues 6-year-old girl from drowning in pool

SEATTLE -- A 6-year-old girl nearly drowned in the deep end of a swimming pool Monday morning, but was saved by staff members who knew CPR, fire officials said.

Medics were called to the pool in the 2000 block of Westlake Ave. N. just before 9:30 a.m. after getting a report that a girl had just been pulled unconscious from the deep end during a swim class.

"A staff member jumped in, pulled her out, and was able to revive her in less than a minute," said Kyle Moore with Seattle Fire.

When medics arrived, the girl was breathing and had a good pulse. She was taken to Children's Hospital in Seattle where she was listed in stable condition and was expected to recover.

"Anytime you have someone go under water for any length of time it can cause some serious damage to the brain," Moore said. "But fortunately they were able to grab her out pretty quickly and start CPR -- and the staff knew CPR, was able to do it on her immediately and it made a huge difference."