Spring trends for mommies-to-be

You're pregnant, it's spring, and most days you'd rather just wear sweats and a sweatshirt if it was acceptable at work. Mommas, back away from your husband's dresser drawers and let Columbia Center Mall's Patricia Bardin help you find what you are looking for at Motherhood Maternity. As Director of Marketing and Business Development, and once a pregnant lady herself, she is here to help with this spring's fashion for moms-to-be! She outlined necessities that all women who are expecting must have in their closet. They include:

A black maxi dress is easy maternity wear for all trimesters and even for postpartum when things haven't quite gone back to normal yet. It's also perfect for nursing.

Crochet is big for spring, so buy a cute sweater or cardigan that will go with dress pants, a dress or jeans. The beautiful detail and texture will also bring attention away from your new forming curves.

Ruching is a flattering trend and also very friendly to baby bumps. Motherhood has a wide variety of ruched tank tops that will get you through spring and into summer with ease and comfort. Get one in every color to wear under a cardigan, under a sweater or by itself.

Hosiery is a must have as well. Not only is it a great way to suck it all in and give you the confidence you need to wear a cute little sun dress, but it will also hide those weird skin issues that seem to happen when you are pregnant.