Spike in gun sales attributed to 'Zombie Apocalypse'

SEATTLE -- Gun sales are booming, and the federal government is warning people to prepare themselves for a "zombie apocalypse."

Yes, you read that right. The living dead who populate B-movies and television shows are spurring gun sales and a tongue-in-cheek website from a group not normally known for having a great sense of humor -- the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC's new blog, titled "Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse," is telling people that if they're ready for zombies, they'll also be prepared for hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters that are more likely to hit.

Business has been brisk at Wade's Gun Shop in Bellevue. In fact, nationwide gun sales on Black Friday -- measured by more than 154,000 background checks -- was record breaking.

"It was the largest number of background checks in a single day," said Dave Workman of the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

The volume of background checks actually shut down the FBI's system twice. Of course, those record sales aren't entirely due to the zombie craze, but Workman said it played a role.

"That's the zombie phenomenon," he said. "It has ignited a whole new generation of shooters out there."

Like gun shops throughout the country, Wade's carries special green-tipped zombie ammunition.

"Well, they have to be shot in the brain. I believe that's why they separated this out," said John Clarke of Wade's Gun Shop.

The shop also sells zombie-specific targets and special zombie guns.

"Put the zombie labeling on it to make it a little more appropriate for shooting zombies," Clarke said.

Zombie training has become so popular that there are even gun clubs that run zombie-shooting matches.