Special-needs teen ditched miles from school

Editor's Note: Since this story originally aired, the girl has come forward to admit she made it up

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A Marysville mother says someone booted her special-needs daughter off the school bus miles away from her school, but she can't figure out which district, driver or bus is involved.

Taylor Adams, a 14-year-old girl with the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, was left at a Marysville intersection at the height of the Friday morning rush hour.

"It's not nice to do that to a kid," Taylor said.

The intersection ended up being about three miles from Taylor's home and four miles from her school.

"I started looking that to see if I was suppose to go that way or this way and then I started walking a little bit over that way," Taylor said.

It's a head scratcher, especially since Taylor caught the school bus like she always does -- in her own driveway. Taylor says when the driver realized she wasn't on his photo roster, he ordered her off the bus.

"He was direct," said Krista Adams, Taylor's mother. " 'You are not supposed to be on this bus, get off,' (with) no instruction on what to do, nothing -- just told her she need to get off the bus."

By chance, her grandfather on his way to a doctor's appointment saw her crying on the side of the road and scooped her up.

"There were frozen tears on her face it was that cold outside -- it was freezing," Krista Adams said. "She was so upset."

They've been trying to find that bus driver ever since, combing through photos of every Marysville School district bus driver. She identified a possible driver, but there are still no answers.

The Marysville School District sent a statement that reads: "We have no buses that could have taken her to where she ended up and have contacted neighboring districts to check for buses...there are none."

Krista Adams says she's not satisfied, "because they don't know who did this."

Taylor says she knows she was on the wrong bus because she didn't recognize any of the students, and her family can't figure out why it stopped at her house and what district it belongs to.

Now Taylor's mom is hoping surveillance video from surrounding businesses will solve the mystery and prevent it from happening again.