Soup theft sparks bloody brawl in Burien

BURIEN, Wash. -- A case of petty shoplifting in Burien turned into an all-out brawl Wednesday night when a good Samaritan and his 10-year-old son chased down and tried to apprehend the suspected thief.

Police say a man walked into a Burien Walgreens at about 7 p.m. and tried to steal a can of soup. A clerk at the store saw the theft and confronted the man, which is when things got serious.

"He was confronted by a clerk. When she confronted him he shoved her, which makes it a robbery," said Sgt. Patrick McCerdy of the King County sheriff's office.

The alleged thief, who police say is a known drug user, took off on foot. A good Samaritan who was riding bikes with his 10-year-old son saw the incident and immediately gave chase.

Father and son soon caught up with the suspected shoplifter and the two adults began brawling in the middle of the street while 10-year-old Cooper watched the whole thing.

Seeking refuge, the suspected thief took off, hopped a nearby fence and interrupted a barbeque.

"He was bloody and everything, talking about how he just beat somebody up and he needed a place to hide," said witness Boxer Saso.

But it was too late for that.

"The police were on that side of the fence and hit him with the gun and told him to get down or they were gonna shoot. So it ended pretty quickly, which is a good thing," Saso said.

Little Cooper rode his bike home and told his mom what happened. They went back and found the dad, but Cooper knew something was wrong.

"He kept on asking the same question," Cooper said. "He didn't know what day it was and I believe he didn't know what two-times-two was."

That man was taken to Highland Hospital, were he was treated for severe head and neck injuries.