Son's Seahawks Super Bowl surprise goes viral

LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. -- A son's Super Bowl surprise is sweeping social media.

Mike Harris shocked his mom with tickets to see her Seahawks play in the Super Bowl, and now hundreds of thousands of people have seen her startled reaction on YouTube.

When Fed Ex delivered an envelope this week to Mike's Mountlake Terrace home, his mom had no idea what was inside.

"I had no clue in a million years there were Super Bowl tickets in there," said Vicki Harris.

She figured it contained something for her son's upcoming wedding.

Mike Harris knows how much the Seahawks mean to his mom and how much she's done for him. Harris teared up as he described his gift.

"It was the biggest thing," he said. "She has spoiled me totally rotten my whole life, like she's been amazing to me. I know how much she loves the Seahawks. All she ever talks about all year is Seahawks."

Vicki, who grew up with three brothers, has been hooked on the Hawks since day one. Her husband likes to watch them on TV, but it's Vicki who puts Hawk paraphernalia around the home, from Seahawk pillow cases to banners flying over the kitchen counter.

VIcki bonded with her son over football, and she's always dreamed of seeing her favorite team in a Super Bowl. In 2005, she couldn't afford to go because both her kids were in college. This year, both her children are getting married.

"I just didn't feel right about spending that kind of money right now with everything coming. I just didn't feel right about it," she said.

Vicki and her husband and son searched for affordable tickets but quickly gave up.

"The cheapest tickets I found were nose bleeds in the 300 level for like $2,500 and that was just for that, not to mention travel," Mike said.

But when prices dropped last week, Mike texted his dad, who agreed to help buy a seat for mom.

"Number one on my bucket list. It means everything. I still can't believe that we're really going. I mean I'm going to the Super Bowl and watch the Seahawks," said Vicki, who stuffed a suitcase full of blue and green gear.