Smelly envelopes cause S. Lake Union Whole Foods evacuation

SEATTLE -- The Whole Foods at South Lake Union was evacuated Saturday afternoon after two suspicious, smelly envelopes were found inside the store.

The Seattle Fire Hazardous Materials unit determined later that the substances in both envelopes were not hazardous and the store and surrounding area was reopened.

Seatle Fire turned the envelopes to Seattle Police to be filed as evidence.

Employees found the envelopes before 1 p.m. and said they smelled like rotten eggs and seeped an unknown fluid at the store at 2210 Westlake Ave.

A store security guard picked up the first envelope, which was found in the produce section, and took it outside and set it on the ground.

A hand written note was on the outside of the envelope. Details of the note have not be released by police while they are investigating.

The employees found the second envelope in the beverage section of the store and left it there. This envelope was emanating the same odor, was leaking fluid and had a note written on the outside as well.

Officers cordoned off that area of the store and awaited the Seattle Fire Dept. to arrive.

The Arson and Bomb squads also responded to the scene.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 911.