Slow crawl continues on Highway 99 near Mercer St.

SEATTLE--The relentless pounding of construction equipment made the slow crawl even more annoying on Highway 99 near Mercer St.

"I seem to always pick the worst route to get out of town. Oh well," Pam Cole said.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is diligent about suggesting alternate routes--but on a busy summer Saturday--that's not much help.

"There's only so many alternate routes you can get around in. And everybody's going that way. So it just makes it slow and tedious," said Richard Pondelick, a delivery truck driver.

Here's why.

Highway 99 is closed between valley street and the south end of the battery street tunnel.

So officers are re-directing 99 southbound traffic along 85th to reach I-5.

They're also re-directing northbound 99 traffic to I-5 at East Marginal Way and Spokane Street.

The extra officers seem to be making a positive difference.

"Today there was cop and he was really polite and he told us what direction to take," driver Krishna Mamidipaka said.

Even with cops, it was a real challenge trying to navigate from the Queen Anne neighborhood to I-5 with fewer lanes open.

Most people are pretty polite about trying to merge, but they're a few people who don't want to play well.

This second half of the Mercer Corridor project is scheduled to finish up by mid 2015.

An ambitious effort to create a more direct and attractive connection between I-5, Seattle Center and the waterfront.

When it's wide open it's gonna be perfect. But it hurts until then. It hurts until then.