Skipping meals can be worse for your diet

Being on a diet means making a lot of choices. For the October issue of ShopSmart magazine, our news partners at Consumer Reports looked at two diet killers: skipping meals and going out to eat lunch.

A lot of people think they can speed things along by eating fewer meals. But new research shows it doesn't work.

One study followed overweight women past the age of menopause for a year and found that those who skipped meals lost 8 pounds less than those who had all their meals.

It seems that missing meals makes you hungrier, which means that when you do eat, you eat more.

And what about going out for lunch?

Researchers found that women who said they ate lunch out at least once a week for a year lost about five fewer pounds than those who dined out less frequently. ShopSmart says going out for breakfast or dinner "weren't great for the waistline, either!"

Here are some simple things that do work:

  • Keep a food diary.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and go easy on the fatty foods.
  • And make it a point to do some exercise, hopefully every day.