Sit Down, Work Out

WOODINVILLE - A local company has come up with a new exercise machine, that is certainly not something you'd expect to find in the gym.

Perhaps we've already lost you by saying "exercise machine?"

Not to worry, this is a workout you can do while watching TV.

"We're really saying sit and get fit," says fitness teacher Sally Rodditch. "We sit too much, and it will actually shorten your life."

As she talks, she's exercising on something called the "ChairMaster." Think "Stair Master" only seated, and not quite as strenuous.

The ChairMaster is made in Woodinville by Cascade Health and Fitness. CEO John Post says the idea came after watching his elderly parents stop moving. He wanted to create a way the virtually immobile could get some exercise.

With a few clicks, the Chair Master offers resistance bands to build upper body strength. Lift the base of the chair, and out comes a set of pedals. See how it works by watching the full story in the video above.

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