Sister of White Center fire victim: 'She'd do anything for a friend'

BREMERTON, Wash. - The sister of a 71-year-old woman killed in a White Center house fire on Saturday is stricken with grief over her sudden, unexpected death.

"Nobody closer - nobody closer than my sister," says Kay Trepanier at her Bremerton home the day after the fire.

Her sister, Peggy Munson, was found dead inside her White Center home, in the 9800 block of 28th Avenue SW, when firefighters responded to the Saturday evening blaze.

Kay says she always knew her sister Peggy was just a phone call a way. They talked every day.

"We didn't let the little things get us down," says Kay.

It was late Saturday when Kay got a call from White Center - except this time it was a firefighter on the other end.

Kay says the firefighter told her that her sister Peggy had "succumbed." She remembers thinking, "You've got to be kidding me. That means 'died.'"

Investigators think a heater may have sparked the fire. Peggy couldn't get out of her home - the smoke was just too much.

"They found her in the hall outside the bedroom and bathroom," says Kay.

Peggy was born in Seattle. She loved cruises and animals, and was 71 years old.

"She was a really giving, wonderful person, and it's just awful," says Kay. "She was kind. She'd do anything for a friend."

Kay says the two of them were always the life of the party - two sisters as close as you could be. Now only one of them is left - with only pictures of all the good times they shared.

Fire officials are continuing to investigate the blaze. Funeral services for Peggy Munson are being finalized.