'Side Effects' Hits Theaters

Editors note: Brian the Movie Guy checked in with Manda and Gregg as he does every Friday. He told us about "Side Effects," a film about a woman whose life goes haywire when she suffers side effects from a drug prescribed by a psychiatrist played by Jude Law.

**Movie Quote Trivia: 'Smite me, Oh Mighty Smiter!'**

Opening Today: click title for full review

IDENTITY THIEF (D+) A 111-minute lesson on how NOT to make a funny movie

SIDE EFFECTS (B+) January stunk; this is just what the doctor ordered

What to expect in February:
Bruce Willis returns in A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (2/14), the Nicholas Spark's written SAFE HAVEN (2/14), the animated ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH (2/14), the supernatural love story BEAUTIFUL CREATURES (2/14) and Dwayne Johnson in SNITCH (2/22).

Now available on DVD/Bluray:
One release had a great performance but could have been better (FLIGHT), one was much better than you'd expect and makes for a fun - if sometimes goofily violent - family flick (HERE COMES THE BOOM) and one is easily - without debate - the worst movie of 2012 (ALEX CROSS). Rent wisely...
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