Shots fired outside troubled Seattle nightclub

SEATTLE -- Seattle police say two shots were fired outside a University District nightclub after a fight broke out early Thursday.

Police say the disturbance between two groups erupted in the parking lot as people were leaving Fusion Ultra Lounge at closing around 2 a.m. No injuries were reported.

Scott Berman works at a bar next door to Fusion and saw the aftermath of the shooting.

"He's like, 'Can you let us in? There's shooting going on.' So we let him in," he said.

A dark blue Suburban circled the parking lot as one of the occupants discharged pepper spray. A man inside the SUV later fired two shots into air as the vehicle left the scene.

Police officers were not able to locate the SUV.

Thursday's shooting was far from the first time police have had problems at Fusion Ultra Lounge.

According to police, officers have been called to the club more than 30 times in the past year for events ranging from traffic-stopping, 50-person brawls, to shooting, to security staff pulling a gun on a drunk patron.

A woman who lives near the bar and does not want to be identified said she's witnessed violence at Fusion in the past.

"This place has been a nightmare since it opened," she said. "Anybody who I've talked to who lives anywhere near here would like nothing more than for this place to be closed down."

In a Feb. 28 letter to the Liquor Control Board, Community Police Team Officer Loren Street writes things at Fusion are so bad two officers usually spend most of the Friday and Saturday night shift outside the club. And, backup officers are still often called to deal with unruly crowds, Street writes.