Shoreline parents on edge after attempted abduction

SHORELINE, Wash. -- For Julie Gaevert, Tuesday night was about tennis, volleyball and a sub sandwich in the parking lot of Shorewood High School in Shoreline.

It was a quick bite to eat between watching her kids play. But most importantly, the night was about keeping those kids safe.

"They need to always be together," she said.

Gaevert and other parents received an email from the school district about an attempted abduction Monday morning. The King County Sheriff's Office said a man in his 60s approached a girl at the shopping center near North 182nd Street and Aurora Avenue.

He asked the girl for "a date" and then followed her to the parking lot of a nearby church, where he allegedly tried to grab her and put her in his car.

Police say she ran off toward Shorewood and told the school what happened.

Gaevert says she knows that the city is trying to clean up the area, but the rough and tumble Aurora reputation is tough to shake.

"It really could happen anywhere. It could happen in any neighborhood," she said.

The suspect is described as a white man in his 60s with balding white hair, a mustache and glasses. The young girl said he was driving a blue four door car with peeling paint.