Seattle's Perfect Pies

Fro yo and cupcakes may have experienced a comeback in reecent years, but pie is poised to become Emerald City's new "it" sweet treat.

Locavores look out because Belltown's Local 360 has some out-of-this-world-good eatin'. Nothing comes from more than 360 miles away the chicken in their signature pot pie comes from the Mad Hatcher Farm in Ephrata.

Pies & Pints may not be the newest pie-maker on the block, but that doesn't mean they don't innovate. How so? They have pie floats. That's right, a pie floating in soup! Hot tip: The Indian curry pie and split pea soup is a winning combo, for sure.

And a spoonful of Dahlia Bakery can sure help the medicine go down. The famous triple coconut cream pie is beautiful. Almost like something out of Mary Poppins. Supercalifragi-pies-are-so-delicious!

According to Seattle yelpers, pie is the divine dessert. Heaven, bliss, nirvana, whatever you believe is the final resting place is just a bite away when it comes to Shoofly's cherry pie.
And at A la Mode's creations, pie appears to be made the way God intended. Delicious! The Lolli-Pies on a stick are meant to make taste buds happy.

And for another innovative pie presentation can be found at Mini Empire Bakery who bake miniature pies in mason jars. With flavors like apple chai and bourbon pecan, we suggest phoning in an order for delivery as they're the perfect treat for events. Cutie pie!

Pie-thusiasts can grab a slice of the action in Pioneer Square at Bakeman's Restaurant. And while the owner is like Seattle's version of the Soup Nazi, this killer combo just might be the best pie and soup you've had.

Just around the block you'll find Marcela's: A Creole restaurant in the periphery of downtown Seattle! Butter yet, The crawfish pie is as robustly seasoned as the jambalaya. So could we ought to call it Pie-o-neer Square!