Seattle working to fix malfunctioning parking meters

SEATTLE -- 2,200 stoic green monoliths, and most of them actually work. Sometimes.

The city of Seattle's parking meters in Capitol Hill have been malfunctioning for a week, and it has left drivers frustrated and confused.

"It makes noise, it just doesn't print," said Shelley Overman of Bellevue.

Overman jammed her credit card inside the machine on 11th Avenue and time and again, no sticker spat out.

The city says around 90 percent of drivers use cards for meters, but now an untold number of the 35,000 daily transactions aren't getting through. All because of cell phone towers.

"They talk to the bank all wirelessly and all those transactions happen in real time," said Mike Estey with the City of Seattle.

He says the vendor is working with backdoor programming to figure out why the 8-year old meters are malfunctioning.

The city says drivers should call the number of the side of the meter to get in touch with representatives. They can take down the person's name and if there is a ticket, the city will wipe the fine clean.

The city doesn't have a timeline for a fix yet.