Seattle woman believes God saved her from burglar

SEATTLE -- A South Seattle woman believes divine intervention saved her when a burglar snuck into her home while she was deep in prayer, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the woman was kneeling on her kitchen floor in prayer Feb. 19 when she felt someone grab her hair from behind.

She later told officers she thought it was her husband playing a joke on her, so she continued praying.

According to the report, the hand let go of her hair, and she turned around to see an unknown man standing in her kitchen.

She told officers she yelled out, "Lord help me," and the man fell back, hitting his head on the fridge.

According to the report, the man stumbled out of the house, and the victim saw him get into a white mid-90s Cadillac with another man behind the wheel and drive off.

The victim told officers the burglar never said a word to her and only took a $20 bill that had been sitting on the table.

According to the report, the victim firmly believes God saved her, so she didn't bother calling police to report the crime.

But, her husband did end up calling the police a week later when a white Acura pulled into their driveway, turned around and left.

He told officers he was worried by the Acura because of the burglary the week before.