Seattle visitor injured in violent hit-and-run

SEATTLE -- Alana Martinez has a punctured chin, a bruise and cut on her forehead.

But she still has her life.

"Surprisingly, I had no broken bones, no broken teeth, but everything is so sore," Martinez said.

Saturday night, she was biking through Fremont with her husband Ben. The pair is visiting from Los Angeles and were on their way to Capitol Hill to spend time with Alana's sister Maile.

Maile was waiting for the couple when she received a horrendous phone call.

"I could hear people in the background. She got hit by a car," Maile said.

Martinez said a driver rounded the curve near Nickerson and Dexter and hit her from behind.

"And the next thing I knew, it felt like I was taken in a huge wave and I got hit from behind. And I never saw the person who hit me," she said.

She was wearing Maile's $30 spare bicycle helmet, which helped save her life.

Standing outside and fumbling with the straps, Alana looked down at the two deep cracks in the foam and thinks about what could have been.

"Everyone was like, that helmet saved your life. And that got me really teary eyed because you're right, it totally did," she said.

The family didn't get a good look at the driver who sped away from the scene.

Martinez just wants to get the word out to other potential witnesses. Her wounds will heal, but that driver's crime isn't going away.

"There's just no answer for that. I don't understand how you could do that," she said.