Seattle unveils options to improve safety near fatal crash site

SEATTLE -- A tragic accident along NE 75th Street in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood took the lives of two grandparents and put a woman and a baby in the hospital for months.

Now the city is taking action to change the troubled street.

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Mayor Mike McGinn are pushing for change along the corridor, saying they want to make sure there never have to be more memorials like the one that still adorns the nearby sidewalk.

It was March 25 when a suspected drunk driver hit and killed Dennis and Judy Schulte and injured Karina Schulte and her newborn baby Elias.

Since then, the community has held meetings and SDOT has had feedback on possible improvements in safety along the busy street. Wednesday, they announced that there are four different options, including changing the configuration and painting more lanes.

The Schultes' daughter was on hand for the announcement and says she feels some comfort with the city taking action.

"They would be OK with street safety coming up in this issue and if this area becomes safer, then that's great," Marilyn Schulte said.

The city plans to hold a few meetings starting next week to get feedback from neighbors about which modification option they would prefer and SDOT will make the decision in a few months.

Meanwhile, the Schulte family says Elias is out of the hospital and recovering while Karina is still in rehabilitation.