Seattle start-up wants to revolutionize digital picture frames

SEATTLE -- A Seattle start-up wants to make your tablet, laptop or PC a 21st-century picture frame.

The company has come up with a unique way to create a live stream of photos and videos that's shareable with friends and family.

Apple, Google, Facebook and Instagram know that photo sharing is what people want, but the digital picture frames currently available are hard to update.

A local company called Familiar has launched a free app that changes all that and creates a new type of picture frame, turning any device into a streaming slideshow.

The app not only shows the user's photos, but it can include photos from social media sites life Facebook and Instagram. It can also weave in slideshow streams your friends and family create from their own photo library and social media sites.

"So anybody that I'm connected too will see that photo show up in their stream," said Marcus Womack, the company's co-founder and CEO.

In their office near Lake Union, the Familiar staff -- made up of ex-Microsoft workers -- is working to turn idle screen time into a stream of photos and 20 second movie clips.

"Right now while it's charging it brings forward all the photos and videos of the people I'm connecting to," Womack said.

The stream can be easily modified and is constantly updated. Whenever someone changes their stream by adding or subtracting photos and videos, your photo frame changes.

"I can go up and customize each person, exactly how much I want to see them in my frame," Womack said.

Users will need broadband wired or wireless Internet for the best results. The App is free with unlimited picture share and 10 minutes of video sharing.

The app is called "Familiar" and is available in the iTunes store and the Google Play app store.