Seattle police: Woman lit sleeping boyfriend on fire

SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman accused of lighting her boyfriend on fire now faces an assault charge.

King County prosecutors contend April Lee Frederick's arson attempt on boyfriend Roger Seela was only discovered days later after police arrested Seela suspecting he'd beaten Frederick.

The homeless couple was apparently hanging out near Fourth Avenue South and South Spokane Street during both attacks.

Shortly before 10 p.m. on Feb. 22, Seattle officers found Frederick, 60, in the area bleeding from an apparent broken nose. Officers came to believe Seela, 41, punched her in the face and arrested him.

Doing so, officers discovered severe burns on Seela's back and hands, and realized his clothing was burned.

According to charging documents, Seela told police Frederick lit him on fire as he slept two days before near the Duwamish River. He told police he woke to see Frederick laughing and holding a butane torch.

Police arrested Frederick, who is alleged to have threatened to burn Seela again.

"If he hits me, then I'll burn his ass up!" Frederick said as police arrested her, according to charging documents.

Seela told police he didn't contact authorities initially because he didn't want Frederick to get into trouble. He also claimed Frederick previously stabbed him in the face. According to charging documents, he had the scar to show for it.

Frederick has been charged with second-degree assault and remains jailed. Seela has not yet been charged in the matter.