Seattle marijuana dispensaries hit with rash of burglaries

SEATTLE -- Three local marijuana dispensaries were burglarized early this week, and police are now trying to figure out if the crimes are connected.

Police were called to a dispensary on NE 143rd and Greenwood Avenue just before 3 a.m. an Sunday after a neighbor reported seeing two men holding crowbars near the business's back door.

The men were gone by the time officers arrived. Police say it appears the men tried to pry open the back door, but were unsuccessful.

Late on Sunday night, burglars broke into another dispensary on NE 123rd Street and 15th Avenue NE. Once inside, they cracked open a display case and made off with a number of pot cookies and a computer.

The next day, burglars smashed open the door at another dispensary at NW 77th and 15th Avenue NW. Police say the thieves tried to steal a television and an Xbox, but ended up leaving with only a computer monitor.

Detectives don't yet know if the burglaries are connected in any way, and it's not clear how much -- if any -- marijuana was stolen.