Seattle Humane Society sets a record with weekend adoptions

This weekend, the Seattle Humane Society waived adoption fees at their Bellevue location in the hopes that they could find new homes for some of their many animals. The result? A record-breaking adoption weekend.

According to the Humane Society, an astounding 359 pets were adopted this weekend, including 156 on the first day of the three-day event. 47 senior pets and 149 kittens were among the animals that found new homes.

As a practice, Seattle Humane vaccinates, spays or neuters, and microchips all of their dogs and cats before they leave the shelter. They also all undergo a health check. To ensure the safety and success of each new match, dogs are also all temperament-tested, and most dog adoptions come with a six-week obedience training course.

The "Adoption Blitz" was well-timed; October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month," wherein prospective pet owners are encouraged to check shelters before purchasing pets from breeders. Every year, the ASPCA estimates that approximately 5 million to 7 million pets enter animal shelters in the United States. Of those companion animals, approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized. Close to 70% of cats who enter shelters will be euthanized.

The Humane Society has adopted out a total of 4,903 pets in 2013, with a total goal of 6,200.