Seattle elementary school won't allow costumes on Halloween

SEATTLE -- Some parents are upset that Halloween costumes won't be allowed at one West Seattle grade school this year.

School officials at Lafayette Elementary School have decided not to allow costumes at school this year.

A unanimous vote by the school staff led to the decision, which was fueled, in part, by the fact that school will be dismissed early on Halloween.

"There are people who feel very strongly that kids should just be able to have fun, and we don't disagree with that, but our primary mission is to educate our kids and make sure that they're ready to graduate from school," said district spokesperson Teresa Whipple.

Seattle Public Schools has no official Halloween policy; the decision is up to each school's principal.

Lafayette's principal Shaunna Heath was not available for comment on Tuesday; however, several parents were eager to voice their opinion.

"I was very disappointed when I heard that," said parent Dianna Palmer. "I actually thought my daughter misunderstood the rule, because she said, 'No, no costumes.' I was a bit shocked, really."

"I wish that it weren't that way, but it's the school's policy. I have to go with it, I suppose," said Genevieve Kostich, another parent.

Lafayette students will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. on Halloween.