Schrammie: Want some whine with that cheese, Packer fans?

SEATTLE -- I feel their pain.

That's because I felt the same way following the 2006 Super Bowl when the Seahawks suffered atrocious calls that cost them the game.

And back then there were no replacement refs to put the blame on.

So if Green Bay fans would quit crying in their cheese for a moment, I'd like them to come on down.

Yeah, Monday night's football game is difficult for Packer fans to accept.

Waa waa, Golden Tate should have been called for pass interference.

Waa waa, it was an interception not a touchdown.

Waa waa, the NFL and team owners are making a mockery of the game by putting replacement refs on the field.

Packer fans can serve lots of whine with their cheese but in the end it just makes them look like Seahawk fans looked in 2006 - bad losers.

Questionable calls are part of football.

They just become more pronounced when the ones making the calls shouldn't be on a professional football field.

Most of the country seems to feel the Seahawks didn't deserve the win they got on Monday, including the President of these here United States.

The chorus of whines may help the NFL get its act together but in the end, the Hawks are 2-1.

So, for the ungracious; for the uncouth; for the undignified and inconsolable whiners everywhere, this Hawks fan says take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

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