Schrammie: Thin blue line perhaps a bit thinner now

SEATTLE -- Seahawks home opener. Sold out game. 12th Man raring to go.

Too bad Bellevue police didn't get the memo on how to behave.

A Seattle police officer confronted a group of people who threw what's reported as a plastic beer cup into the street as they made their way to the stadium. The SPD officer asked the litterbugs to retrieve their trash.

At some point, members of the group started flashing Bellevue police badges and began giving the SPD officer a major load of grief.

The situation became hostile. The SPD officer was suddenly surrounded and backup was called.

SPD supervisors arrived. The Bellevue cops began taunting them.

Reports are the Bellevue officers appeared intoxicated.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

In the end, the Bellevue officers were sent on their way without so much as a ticket.

The thin blue line perhaps a bit thinner.

But the Bellevue police chief called SPD to apologize and the Bellevue Police Department has launched an investigation.

I'm not waiting for the results.

Right now, Right here, I want those Bellevue police officers to take a bow, because this "Schrammie", for so many reasons, is for them.

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