Schrammie: These parents need more involvement in child's sex ed

SEATTLE -- When it comes to talking about the birds and the bees in an Onalaska, Washington classroom, some parents got squeamishly perturbed.

Well, I'd like to invite those moms and dads to check their curriculum complaints at the door and come on down.

The 5th grade sex education class was about HIV and AIDS.

Parents had been notified about what their kids would be taught and were invited to review the curriculum in April.

Three parents showed up.

Last week, the teacher -- who is also the school's principal -- was doing her best to provide an age appropriate instruction when one of the students asked a graphic question, to which the teacher provided a graphic answer.

Some parents thought the answer too graphic.

Some called it bordering on pornographic.

By more reasonable accounts, the answer was descriptively measured and informative.

Parents could have opted to have their child not take the class. Most did not.

Now they want to wring their hands over honest answers to admittedly difficult questions.

If they're that concerned about what their children learn about sex, take more responsibility for what their children learn about sex.

Here and now though, those parents should take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for them.

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