Schrammie: Pacific mayor taking town to 5th circle of hell

He claims he was elected to root out corruption.

And now he's reaching out to the governor to help squelch what he calls a mutinous civic rebellion.

I'd like to invite Pacific mayor Cy Sun to check his medication level and come on down.

Well under a year into his tenure as titular head of the tiny town of 2,800 residents, Mayor Cy has rankled, irritated and dismayed many by canning the police chief, the public safety director, the city clerk and the community service director.

The gruff and crusty 82-year-old also fired the four Pacific police officers who arrested him for trying to cut a lock on a city office meant that was meant to keep him from getting in.

Mayor Cy is under siege.

Governing as his city council took a no confidence vote on his tutelage, Mayor Cy is now facing the possibility of a recall election.

The city may lose its insurance coverage because of him, not to mention that pesky lawsuit that's been filed based on actions he took against a city employee.

In the midst of all this, Mayor Cy has reached out to the governor, pleading for help from the city's mutinous hordes.

The gov has said uh-uh, not my bailiwick.

So before he is hoisted on his own petard; before he runs out another back door to avoid another lawyer; before he drags the city of Pacific into the 5th circle of hell, I'd like Mayor Cy Sun to take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.

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