Schrammie: Archbishop Sartain politicizing the Catholic faith

SEATTLE -- Dominus vobiscum.

Et cum spiritu tuo.

I'm sure he remembers his Latin.

But I think he's forgotten his place.

And so I'd like to invite Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain to quit genuflecting for a moment and come on down.

Placing himself between his flock and their conscience, Bishop Sartain not only endorsed the referendum meant to kill the marriage equality law recently passed in our state, he also gave a nod to the notion that 180-plus parishes under his tutelage should use Sunday Mass as a means to give Catholic congregants the opportunity to take his political guidance and sign said referendum...a copy of which to be made available for signature at each and every church.

Politicizing the Catholic faith may seem suitable to Bishop Sartain, but the divisive and hurtful message he wants to package seems counterproductive in attempting to answer the question of what would Jesus do.

Using the Catholic Church as a weapon; trying to guide 10's of thousands of parishioners into a political corral that objectifies people and isolates faith as a means of punishment, does not mesh with the Catholic creed that I was raised with.

So I respectfully ask Bishop Sartain to reconcile his political motives with his religious beliefs.

And in the meantime, request that he hold on to his miter and take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for him.

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