Schram: Teacher in bullying incident needs a new career

The lawyer laughs when asked if his client is a bully.

The Peninsula School Board shrugs and says the public shouldn't rush to judgment.

The teacher is being paid not to teach.

The student is in counseling and has had to change schools.

Such are the circumstances surrounding a Gig Harbor middle school kid who was videotaped being tormented in his classroom by a swarm of classmates who, among other things, pulled the kid's underwear up into a wedgie; stuffed socks in his mouth; forced him to the ground and covered him with chairs as they sat on him, all as the teacher watched and laughed.

Oh yeah, said teacher - whose lawyer giggled when asked if his client was a bully - took part in the 'merriment', at one point posing with his butt above the kid's head and expressed the sentiment that he felt "gassy."

The teacher was initially suspended for 10 days and sent off to another school.

The parents of the victim have since filed a criminal complaint and the teacher is now on paid administrative leave.

If criminal charges should be brought against the teacher, let the justice system sort it out.

But the fact is, with what is known, the teacher should have his gassy butt kicked to the curb.

He can't be trusted with children.

He is a bully.

And that's something that neither he, or his lawyer, can just laugh off.


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