Schram: Schools should stand up to evangelical group's bullying

For area school districts planning to participate in "Mix It Up at Lunch Day" later this month there is no dilemma and there should be no retreat.

"Mix It Up at Lunch Day" was put together more than a decade ago as a way to help prevent bullying.

The basic idea is for kids to hang out with someone that they normally wouldn't hang out with; getting to know someone they might not otherwise even talk with.

Thousands of schools around the country have latched on to the idea.

Now the American Family Association - an uber-conservative evangelical group - has decided the whole "Mix It Up at Lunch Day" is actually a cover for what it terms is a push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools.

The American Family group is urging parents to keep their kids home from school on "Mix It Up at Lunch Day."

So far, a couple of hundred schools around the country have decided to avoid conflict and controversy and cancel the anti-bullying effort.

How incredibly sad that a fringe group of fear-mongering people would exert their influence to try to squelch efforts aimed at helping kids who are picked on, ostracized and bullied for what may be their skin color, religion, social status and yes, their sexual orientation.

Let's hope that schools here in our area stand their ground and go forward with the "Mix It Up at Lunch" program


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