Schram: Questioning DOJ's methodology in SPD investigation

I never fully accepted the U.S. Department of Justice findings from its investigation of the Seattle Police Department.

While I believe the SPD has significant issues that have long needed to be addressed, I questioned the feds methodology of study in-so-far as to whether there was a genuine attempt to understand the unique nature of law enforcement.

In other words, did the Department of Justice delve too deeply into the minutia of what it's like being a cop trying to enforce the law and chase down the bad guys?

I think one area where the SPD/DOJ agreement resonates is the acknowledgment that Seattle police specifically confront - and take steps to deal with - biased policing of minorities.

New guidelines on the use of force, along with additional training and increased front line supervision, will hopefully go a long way to bring an end to the discriminatory police practices that exist at different levels.

No one but a law enforcement officer really knows what it's like to put that uniform on and go to work day in and day out.

Police deserve our respect, but first must earn everyone's trust.

For whatever failures the DOJ's investigation had in it, the end result provides optimism in that regard.

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