Schram: Private gun sales need background checks too

SEATTLE -- Follow the gun.

That's been my mantra for quite some time in respect to helping to figure out why it's so easy for people to get a gun when they're not legally entitled to own one.

Joshua Blake was such a person.

As a felon, Blake was prohibited from owning a gun. So where then did he get the .40 caliber Smith and Wesson that he used to kill state Trooper Tony Radulescu last February?

Federal authorities believe the weapon was either passed down from Blake's father, or purchased at a Monroe gun show.

A lot of political attention and conversation has been given over to what's termed "the gun show loophole", which really comes down to the private sale of guns.

Buy a gun from a dealer and you have to go through a background check. Buy a gun from some guy in Bellevue or Bellingham, no background check, no problem.

Private gun sales should not, need not, be free of those checks.

Charging a nominal fee for a gun dealer to submit a background check on private gun sales would be easy to do.

So why isn't it done?

Because the pro-gun lobby doesn't want it and politicians remain intimidated by the pro-gun lobby.

Trooper Tony Radulescu may have died because of such stupidity, leaving authorities to little more than follow the gun.

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